I was born in Chicago, and grew up in Oak Park until my early 20's Recently I moved to this great city and have now been asked to consider running for Alderman. I am very excited about this. Creating a better way with Bold Idea's and plans to bring Jobs cut taxes improve and update monitoring of convicted Child Sex offenders, And build a brighter future for our community. I was a kidney donor in Feb. 2005 to a young black woman whom I never met before. I have rushed to many people's aid, provided CPR and scaled fire escapes to pull people out of burning homes and cars. You could say I'm a people person. I started my career at CBOT in 1979 as a runner. I moved up and became a trader. I became involved in politics as paid staff & adviser starting in 1990. In October of 2000 I retired from the Trading floors. I continued working on campaigns. such as Presidential,Senate, Congressional,Governors State Senate & Reps. County Commissioners,County Judges & Local Mayor and Aldermen elections as a Director or Sr. Adviser. I have tried to help shape our State and at the same time give people a helpful voice.see more