Welcome to Collective IQ An aggregated knowledge base of academic insight and professional expertise. This diverse collection of conceptual, philosophical, hypothetical, speculative, conjectural, suppositional, theoretical yet pragmatic assortment of thinkers that address critical business challenges, technological disparity and social inequality. In a global environment where innovation cycles are shrinking, consumer expectations are rising and talent is becoming more distributed. Harnessing Collective Intelligence can play an important role in generating new ideas, solving age-old problems, disaggregating and distributing work in new and innovative ways, and making better, more informed decisions about the future. This repository offers in-depth foresight from a broad range of academic, vendors and companies that create the future of our ever-changing society. We see three areas of guidance for enhancing Collective Intelligence techniques. Collective Intelligence can maximize business outcomes by improving how organizations access the untapped knowledge/experience of their networks. Central to the success of Collective Intelligence initiatives, is the ability to target and motivate the right participants. Collective Intelligence efforts need to address sources of resistance. Collective Intelligence is a powerful resource for creating value, from the experiences and insights from a vast number of external and internal networks, thinking globally and acting locally. Collective Intelligence has a better chance of improving a system or solving a problem, than one person working alone.see more