I have been writing poems, short stories, and basically stringing words together for the past 30 years as a type of therapy to understand life and figure out my why things are as they are. I never set out to create anything it just pours from me without thought, like the first piss in the morning...it just flows. On Feb 16 2013 I was contacted by a Los Angeles Radio Show to read a poem that I had yet to write. They gave me a theme. My artistic integrity was at stake: "WHAT? Write something on purpose?" But I did it and a new age of writing has since begun. My style has been altered and 2013 promises to be quite a prolific year. I am also a musician and have turned my words into songs. My current solo project is CORKELECTRIC and my album "SEA to BE" is available at http://www.reverbnation.com/corkelectric please buy it so I can eat, for I have accidently become the freakish starving artist I dreamed of as a child.Thank you for reading...WRITE ON, -Corksee more