Grundfos is a multinational manufacturer of pumps and water application systems, which has recently launched its Egypt branch as part of its plan to expand in Libya, Sudan and South Sudan. The company was founded by Paul Due Jensen in Denmark in 1945, and now it’s considered to be the indisputable leading pump manufacturer on the globe. Grundfos’ massive production rate and variety of pump units have earned the company such a reputation in the pump industry. It nearly covers 50% of the distribution of the circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning systems in the world market. Grundfos also provides centrifugal pumps for sewage systems, water storage and also produces many more major products and pump solutions. In adjacent markets, Grundfos manufactures conventional and submersible motors for pumps, and also develops and sells cutting-edge monitoring electronics. Grundfos has always been committed to corporate social responsibility. Its policy and attitude is based on three core values.‘Being responsible is the foundation’, ‘Thinking ahead makes it possible’ and ‘Innovation is the essence’ are three slogans that clearly reflect the demeanor of more than 17,000 persons who work for Grundfos. Words like ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Responsibility’ show how Grundfos is always keen to keep its products as environmentally friendly as possible. Values such as global thinking, leadership and partnership are perceived to be the basis of Grundfos’ views. With climate change worrying the whole world, Grundfos is aiming to increase its efforts to reduce exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions. See MoreSee less