Mom, Dual-Qualified English Solicitor Student, Career, Humanitarian Volunteer. The Justice & the Humanity, principe. Political view, Feminist Democracy. Zero Tolerance to any Form of the Violence. I'm quiet modis, flexible person, whom down to Earth, beside my children is above everything in the World. Being as the open minded person is part of my basic task principe opening the network door Worldwide. So... here below my latest though! Sometimes I'm thinking, how and what kind of thing can be worth it for the interest of myself and for the others, what and how just to mend the global future for all of us, among all different kind of conflict, nature disaster, climate changes, etc. Just to maintain the political rights, economical rights, cultural rights, the human rights, to reach the aim of our main dream, the Peace for Everyone, the World Peace. Isn't we do endowed already the beauty of our Mother Earth, is the Only Planet where we are all living together, … Not out of right practice comes right thinking, but out of right thinking comes right practice. It matters enormously what you think. If you think falsely, you will act mistakenly; if you think basely, your conduct will suit your thinking.see more