Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open)

I -Open publishes new approaches to civic engagement in Open Source Economic Development. I-Open Civic Forums support citizens engaged in conversation about complex topics, while building stronger civic networks. These forums point toward action: translating ideas into transformative initiatives. In a very real sense, I-Open is the architect of a new type of civic infrastructure. This infrastructure connects civic and business entrepreneurs with more established organizations and institutions. Through these connections, a community finds new ways to innovate: new ways to build prosperity by "linking and leveraging" its assets. For colleges and universities, I-Open provides a roadmap to stronger community engagement and new, broader avenues of service learning for students. For libraries, I-Open creates an opportunity to expand the role of the library into the community and strengthen these vital ties. For economic development organizations, I-Open provides a convenient and flexible format to support high-growth companies and emerging clusters, the real source of job growth in any economy. For workforce developed organizations, I-Open provides a roadmap to build the alliances that workforce developed organizations need to tie together education and training providers, workers, and employers. For community foundations, I-Open creates new "civic spaces" for community leaders to engage in more effective thinking and doing. Questions? E-mail us at Distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Licensesee more