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CFPB 2012 042 Response

CFPB 2012 042 Response

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Published by: Judicial Watch, Inc. on Jun 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 June 8, 2 Ms. LiseJudicial425 ThirWashing Dear Ms This lett(FOIA) rCFPB an The CFPCFPB-2sought alPresidenHouse; bUnited Sare not a In respoOffice thresponsethis lettenon-duplpursuantYou maappeal, yin writinYou ma(1-855-F Your ap 012tte Garciaatchd Street SWton, DC 20. Garcia:r is in finalequest dated the WhiteB’s final re12-037) prl records of Obama’s r) The Exectates Congrtached to thse to your re Chief Adto Judicial, please finicative recoto Title 5 Uappeal anyou must do, signed bysend yourAX-FOIA (eal should, Suite 80024response toJanuary 12House concponse to Juvided the rcommunicacess appointive Officess. The resis letter becequest, theinistrativeatch’s FOCFPB’s firds. Of thos.S.C. § 552of the resposo within 45you or yourppeal via th29-3642)).e addressedCo the portion, 2012 thaterning Presicial Watcsponsive retions betwetment of Ri
of the Presionsive recuse they wFPB condufficer forA requestsal responsee pages, I h(b)(5) and (nses or decicalendar drepresentate mail (add to:sumer FinaAttention:Freedom of 1700RE: FOIAf Judicialought all reident Obam’s FOIA reords relaten the CFPBhard Cordaent; c) Therds produculd be duplcted a searcocuments.“should beto your FOve determi)(6).sions set foys from theive, and shoess below),ncial Protechief FOIAInformationG Street, NRequest #Catch’s Frecords of co’s Januaryuest datedto the portand the foly as directoDepartmentd as part of icative to ah of the Off n June 7, 2orthcomingIA request,ed that botth above. Idate of thisuld containemail (CFPtion BureauOfficerAppealFPB-2012-0dom of Inf municatio6, 2012 visitanuary 25,ion of yourlowing entitr of the CFPof the Treathe CFPB-2previous resice of the Di012, I notifivery soon.”hich consipages are
f you choosletter. Youthe rationalB_FOIA@c42-Frmation Acs between tto the CFP2012 (RE:equest thaties concerniB: a) Thesury; and d)012-037 reponse.rector and ted you thatAttached tts of 2 pageleased in pto file anr appeal mufor the appfpb.gov) orthe.nghiteTheuestheaos of artst beeal.fax
 For inquiand referfeel freetelephon SincerelMartinFOIA MOffice o ries concerence the FOto contact Cat 1-855-4,ichalosky
anagerthe Chief ing your reIA requestFPB’s FOI44-FOIA (3dministratiWashinguest, pleasumber aboService C642).e Officerton, D.C. 2contact Lae. If you anter by em0552
ura Mageree unable toil at CFPBby phone atreach Ms.FOIA@cfp202-435-79agere, pleab.gov or by07se

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