The mother of Sgt. Charles Dyer, Janet Dyer, I add documents, hand written and transcribed letters and speeches to this site, from my son Charles Dyer. Charles, aka July4Patriot on you tube. View his videos speaking out agaisnt our constitutional violation along with the thirteen videos my son added, regarding the false charge against him. After two mistrials, Charles was convicted at the third trial, after Mr. Hoch his paid defense attorney, did not present any evidence or defense to the jury. When Charles objected to Mr. Hoch "resting," while in court, Hoch said "you will have to go through the appeal process." My son was unjustly convicted and is now in the appeal process serving a 30 year sentence. This can happen to anyone.. A defense attorney is allowed to run the defense as he sees fit, even if that includes no defense at all, without consulting the client first. .see more