Jeramiah "Just para-DOX" Giehl

The Mission: is to TRANSFORM ordinary people’s lives into a Lifestyle Obedient to Adonai through: EDUCATION: in the form of Teaching the Hebraic Roots of Christianity and the Jewishness of Yeshua; Pointing people Towards Torah and The Gospels; Teach the Biblical Festivals, Biblical Halacha, & Biblical Kosher; Explaining the Spiritual Roots To Dis-ease and Teach the Keys to Health; and Exposing Pagan Influences on Society and Christianity; INFORMATION: with Music, Movie, Product and Technology Reviews, Relevant News and Editorial Content, Conducting Podcasts and Vlogs in order to Provide Relevant and Entertaining Social Commentary; and ENTERTAINMENT: in Promoting Positive Christian Hip Hop Artists, Labels, Mixtapes and Promotional Albums, as well as Showcasing Inspiring Artwork and Design by JAG’D Edge Media. If you would like to invite me to speak at your school, minister at your church, outreach, perform or teach on any of the listed topics (especially on the Hebraic Roots of Christianity or Biblical Festivals) please contact me at jagdedgemedia at gmail dot com. The Writer: I am a freelance writer who has been writing for over ten years (really all my life), but specifically as an editorial writer, publishing eBooks, blogging, writing curriculum for bible studies, preparing press releases and other promotional material for record labels, artists, and music industry websites. I have also worked as an artist consultant, ghost writer, panel speaker (for music industry awards shows and the gospel announcer’s guild), graphic designer, illustrator, social activist, and public speaker. I've always had a knack for writing. In 1990 I started personal blogging, writing curriculum for bible study groups and Revival Times Website. That year I also wrote an article for I continued writing curriculum through 2004 for the Youth, Young Adult and Young Men's bible studies, as well as writing for our Monthly Newsletter. In 2005 I started blogging via paraDOXparABLEs (I was on BlogSpot at the time, I migrated to WordPress in 2009 and am waiting the completion of my website personally for myself and also begun to write as a freelance writer for Hip Hop magazines, Indie Record Labels, Christian Hip Hop Websites, and a Marriage magazines. I continued to write curriculum for in-home Bible Fellowships from 2005 to 2007. During 2003 and 2010 I wrote various promotional materials for record labels, artists, music industry websites, magazines, press releases, and was a featured speaker as I stated at a few large music industry conferences in Austin and Houston for the Gospel Announcers Guild and Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards/All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. I now write freelance editorial pieces, as well a ghost write and a pay per article content provider. I am a lifestyle blogger, I write about technology (namely smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, netbooks and laptops). I do television, movie, music and product reviews. I write about my experiences parenting, Being a husband and growing up in a dysfunctional home. I like to do travel destination blogs and photo blogs of some of my families exploits. I also cover politics and religious topics. I tend to be more Libertarian (a conservative at heart who feels safest with liberals). I also like to share perspectives from a comparative religion perspective though my stance is solidly Judeo-Messianic (Hebraic Roots Christian). I have a more personal, historical and scientific approach to issues of faith and religion that engages a broad audience. I also enjoy being challenged to write content outside of my normal comfort zone from different and opposing perspectives. Thus the title para-DOX parABLEs, stories and content about things I'm passionate and interested in that may be challenging at times, fun and interesting at other times. I am an Experienced Writer who has had the opportunity to write for Technorati, BlogCritics, Dasouth, Rapzilla, Marital Bliss, The Message Mag, Holy Culture, His Image Magazine,, Illspot, para-DOX parABLEss, JAG’D Edge Media, Complex Melodies, 3L Promo, Triple H Mixtapes, Dallas-Fort Worth Holy Hip Hop Alliance, Houston Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards, All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards, C.A.R.M, Covenant Church, Revival Times, Revolution Youth Church, Family Fellowship Church, Sachse Assembly, and SoulFire Ministries. The Musician: I am a ASCAP registered fresh voice in Hip Hop. My first live performance as a rap artist was at a Mars Music store open mic contest in October 2002 that a friend invited me to the night before. I performed a rap that I had written the night before over a beat I remixed. My friend failed to mention it was put on by CMT. Despite being a primarily country and rock crowd I placed well and received recognition for my writing abilities and composition abilities. I placed higher than my two friends, one of whom did an original acoustic rock song and another who did an original worship song. Getting recognition for my writing abilities was nice. Along the way I picked up the nickname Adlibz along the way for my ability to flow on any topic and ad-lib of any comment and freestyle endlessly. I also competed in a local open mic battle put on my 97.9 the beat as well as a few other local freestyle battle. Soon after I started rapping full-time as am emcee in 2003 with a group we formed called SoulFIRE. During this time I managed and promoted the group, created a website and supervised the independent release of our album Fired Up on my indie record label XDC Recordz. I promoted the group statewide and nationally, getting gigs at locals clubs The Door, Insomnia Coffee House, and even an appearance on a The Damascus Road Show, Battle of the Bands. We got second place in the battle of the bands performing a song that I wrote and produced “Apostolic Poetry.” The group was changing, members of the group got married and it was time to move on. Afterwards I started to perform as part of a few college campus outreaches and continued to pursue a ministry rapping. My focused shifted towards promotion and building consesus, thus the creation of the Dallas-Fort Worth Holy Hip Hop Alliance to bring artist and youth pastors to create positive events for youth. The Promoter: For a short period I worked for Dj Maj’s & Virtual Frequency as the Dallas representative. I helped get the show back on the air on 89.7 Power FM. I helped plan and promote the Virtual Frequency Xmas show at The Neotropolis in Carrollton, TX December of 2003. As stated before soon after this I started the Dallas/Fort Worth Hip Hop Alliance to bring artists and youth pastors together to provide free positive alternatives to secular music and parties, to connect artist and local youth groups together. We had some really successful “Faze1 Final Fridays” and “Faze1 First Fruit Fridays” shows. I also helped, plan, promote and host some other really big regional shows in conjunction with other local promoters namely "The Holy Hip Hop Convertication" among others. I promoted and planned shows that had people traveling from Hawaii to Florida to Dallas, TX to perform and be apart of the show. I also hosted local meetings for artist to network, build, connect and grow. After that I started working for Tre-9 and Much Luvv Records as their Marketing and Promotion Manager, getting “The Next… Now!” album reviewed by the likes of OkayPlayer and into such stores as Under Ground Hip Hop and Access Hip Hop as well as putting out mixtapes to promote Much Luvv Records releases. I also promoted Much Luvv Records recording artist CY’s album “The Ringleader” to magazines and radio as his publicist. I have been a featured panelist and speaker on the topics of Christian Rap, Dj’ing, The Music Industry, and other topics for the Texas Gospel Announcers Guild and Texas Holy Hip Hop/All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. I also worked for the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards/All Eye’s On Me Achievement Awards as their Media Manager and Red Carpet Coordinator for three years. I also helped plan and promote a few independent album releases and some successful concerts and outreach events. The DJ: I have made mixtapes over the past 12 years under the Dj alias Dj XDC (X-Dark Child) and promoted mixtapes that have been listened to by over 150,000 people through Triple H Mixtapes. I started Triple H Mixtapes to reach the lost with ministry minded mixtapes. I actually started making mix tapes when they where still actually tapes in the early 90's. In recent years I’ve promoted free legal mixtapes and promotional album from legitimate artist and labels to help people connect with Christian Hip Hop (Positive Hip Hop, with Spirit and Soul, that points to Yeshua as Messiah and Savior). The Graphic Artist: In 2007 – 2009 I went to Brookhaven College and got a Certificate in Graphic Design. I am a Accomplished Graphic Designer, Artist and Illustrator with Desktop Publishing, Print Production, Artistic Set Design, Web Page Publishing, Banner Creation, Logo Design, Flyer Creation, Illustration, Painting, Drawing and Model Making experience. Trained in Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, and General Art, as well as being knowledgeable in Creative Design. With Destktop Publishing Experience along with Experience creating Webpages utilizing my knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Fireworks. Experienced as Webmaster for para-DOX parABLEss, Triple H Mixtapes, Revival Times, JAG’D Edge Media, Revival Times Ministries, Revolution Youth Church, Dallas-Fort Worth Holy Hip Hop Alliance, and SoulFire Ministries. Familiar with HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. Trained in HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, InDesign, and Fireworks. The Social Activist: In 2008 I started the Right-Just Rap Foundation For Social Justice to raise awareness about Social Justice causes and have created avenues for change and involvement. The Right-Just Rap Foundation For Social Justice is a community seeking justice for those affected by genocide, human trafficking, poverty, disease, illiteracy, poverty and civil rights. In 2010 we released our first project The SaveDarfurNow Compilation to raise money for those in need and awareness about the genocide and the now raging civil war raging in the Darfur and Southern region of Sudan. The SDN Compilation is going to be repackaged and re-released and include more focused marketing as Africa Bleeds For You: Africa Needs You! (the Save Africa Now Compilation Redux) on 11/11/11. The Martial Artist: While I was in High School and Community College I started to train in Tae Kwon Do under Dan Allegro at Family Karate Oceanside. I did this because I had enough and wanted to be able to defend myself from my father’s assaults and not be afraid when I got in a street fight. In the end I feel I found confidence and the essence of "the art of fighting without fighting". Once you know how to fight you realize you don’t need to. It proves nothing. I reviewed for my black belt and passed. I was an assistant instructor at three locations. I performed and participated in public school anti-drug / anti-violence campaigns and public Martial Art‘s demonstrations. I helped teach the little Karate Kids, special needs self-defense classes and women’s self-defense classes. I also trained in a little Aikido, Hapkido, JiuJitsu, and Kickboxing here and there. I have since studied the principles and teachings of Bruce Lee as taught in the Tao Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga, which has blended my previous training into a more cohesive fighting style. Martial arts gave me order, structure, discipline, indomitable spirit, a fighting attitude (in a good way), a drive to succeed, and a father figure in my Instructor Dan Allegro. Who unlike my father, even though he knew how to fight didn’t beat me up or pin me on the ground he taught me to be self assured, avoid fighting if possible but be prepared with a ready defense if you have to. These are life principles I live by today. In many ways it was like the Karate Kid movie except I wasn’t getting beat up by jocks, it was my pops and rival gangs, mostly the essays and other caucasians. One time I got chased by like 30 or more essays on bikes with chains and bats. I never ran and jumped so many fences, walls and yards in my life. When presented with real opportunities to fight and defend I choose to deflect. I say that this was must like the Karate Kid movie with the whole wax on wax of situation because it literally was. My mom couldn’t afford lessons so I worked at the Karate school cleaning, washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and getting the dojang ready for training. I didn’t learn any lessons from cleaning but it felt a bit Karate Kid-ish. Especially how hard my instructor was on me, and how he seemed to focus more on training me to be his successor in a sense until I got injured and went on disability for a while and couldn’t do martial arts because of Torn Rotator Cuffs, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, and other injuries. This was a major blow to me because I had started training to do Olympic Tae Kwon Do. I had been running 5 miles a day, working out in my home made gym, training on my own heavy bag, practicing my kata’s, lifting weights, cleaning the dojo, helping train the little kids, training for two hours and running home for extra excercize. That was my daily regiment for a couple summers. I got so good that people would travel a few hours to spar with me regularly for the challenge. It was a fun time. The Messianic: In late “97 I read “The Seven Festivals of the Messiah,” by Edward Chumney. That year I wrote an article on the paganism of Halloween and another article advocating that Christians Should Observe the Biblical Festival’s instead of Pagan Influenced holidays. I remember advocating I even started seeking out to participate in biblical festivals and experience them for myself. I attended a Purim celebration at SAGU put on by some Jewish students there and Yom Kippur service at a Jewish Synagogue that year in 1998. At this point it was more Hebraic Roots study and exploration. Though people seemed to suggest that they thought I was Messianic, I just thought it was the truth because it’s in the bible. People encouraged me to hang out with or go to Messianic “Congregations” and I didn’t get it. I read the bible and it sounded like this was for everyone not just the “Messianics.” So I continued going to Sunday Churches and seeking G-ds truth. At that time I had also been listening to a teaching series from Tommy Tenney on "the Tabernacle" and the revival he was experiencing. This was right before the God-Chaser phenomenon when he was preaching revival and the power of G-d split a pulpit in two in Texas and they had an extended revival, this really started to wet my appetite for studying the Hebraic heritage of the Christianity and the Tabernacle. I went to visit the Pensacola Outpouring myself in 1999 with a friend. On the way to Pensacola and friend and I attended the International House of Prayer in Kansas City that Mike Bickle, Paul Cain, Bob Connor (who has a good book on the Tabernacle if I remember right), and the other Kansas City Prophets started. This stirred in me a desire to understand The Restoration of David’s Tabernacle. Upon going to Pensecola and reading the book “When The Heavens Where Brass” I found out that Pastor Kilpatrick credits (Messianic Jew) Dick Reuben for laying the foundation for the revival that happened there. So while I was down there I picked up Dick Rueben’s teaching he did that laid the foundation on the Pattern For Revival, The Tabernacle, Our Priesthood, Our High Priest, the Trespass Offering and Intercession to find out what it was all about. I kept meditating on this statement that Dick Reuben was saying “when the pattern is right the glory will fall,” I couldn’t get it out of my spirit. The “pattern” he was talking about was that of the “tabernacle of Moses.” Since then I’ve done a lot of personal study on the Tabernacle of Israel, the Hebraic Foundation of Christianity, the Biblical Festivals in light of Yeshua and Middle Judaism/or Second Temple Judaism. In 2007-2010 I was involved in Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation in Dallas Tx. In 2006 my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) and I got involved in Messianic Jewish outreach Ministry to Jewish people. We got married in 2007 (we had a traditional Jewish Wedding – I wrote the whole siddur-order of service) and we had a wonderful son that same year, whom we dedicated to the L-rd there one month to the day after his birth on the 30th day. We started participating in the biblical festival’s and attending a Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation were the Associate Pastor came from an Pentecostal background. We became members in 2006 and in 2008 my wife and I started learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet and the Hebrew Prayers and Blessings at Baruch HaShem. Our desire is to make Aliya to the Torah and fulfill an adult B’nei Mitzvah because one day we will have our son Bar Mitzvah’ed at a Messianic Congregation. We have continued to learn to read and pray Hebrew. In 2010-2011 we moved to Santa Barbara, CA and have been involved Lompoc Messianic Fellowship a Hebrew Roots Bible Study. We helped them establish a Siddur for their Torah Service-Midrash and got them to start following the Tri-Annual Torah Cycle. We have since moved to Santa Maria and my wife, son and I continue to have Shabbat together as a family and Torah Service using similar Liturgy to Baruch HaShem with some Messianic Brit Chadasha Additions that can be found on my blog or scribd. The Ministry: I started going to bible school at Southwestern Assemblies of G-d University in 1997 to study Pastoral Ministries with a minor in Church Planting and Revitalization after my Pastor’s encouragement to do so. I attended between 1997 and 1998. In the summer of 1998 I participated in a Major Revival Conference in Dallas Texas as the Ministry Coordinator for the SAGU students who wanted to minister. At the Conference were Carlos Anacondia, Claudio Freidzon, Paul Wilbur and other Revivalists. I also went to an Awake America Crusade from Brownsville in Houston, Tx that year. Michael Brown and Steven Hill came and ministered at SAGU during Chapel Days. During my time at SAGU I was involved in Trinity Church of The Assemblues of od in Cedar Hills, TX. I was involved in the youth ministry, doing evangelism and follow up ministry. I was also involved in Street Evangelism and outreaches to Deep Ellum and the West End area’s of Dallas from SAGU. In 1999 I moved back to Oceanside for a while I became involved in the Youth Ministry at FFC-AG again. I was a leader for the Youth Group AIM Mission trip to San Quentin Valley Mexico, and also helped a Church building team on another short term mission trip. During this time I started making mixtapes of Gospel Rap and passing them out to kids we were ministering to from my old neighborhood. These we actual mixes of Christian rap on Tape, not CD. They were literally mixtapes. Yes I’m a real Mixtape DJ. I also lead the youth group bible study and preached during the interim between youth pastors, was involved in the young adult bible study, trained to do prisons-jail ministry, was involved in Choir, lead the intercessory team, was on the prayer ministry team, the street evangelism team, and drove the bus for the bus ministry to my old neighborhood, until 2001 when I moved back to Dallas to try and go to SAGU again. In 2002 I spent two months as a part of an Assemblies of God MAPS - Longer Term Mission Trip traveling through Western Europe with a drama group performing a play created by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that presented the gospel. We performed before hundreds of audiences in Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland. It was a fun and challenging experience. We got to perform in socialist schools, communist schools, even schools that openly taught and allowed kids to practice witchcraft. I had a dream the night before about a kid trapped in a den of snake reaching out. I felt we we’re there to help the kids who were trying to reach out for help to get out and be saved from what was going on. While I was in Europe on a missions trip I visited a Moravian Monastery in Holland that had prayer services 24 hours a day for over 100 years that IHOP-KC was patterned after. During 2001-2004 I was involved with Sachse Assemblies of G-d as a Young Adult Leader, a young men's bible study leader, a young adult small group leader, Chi-Alpha Campus Ministry and an event coordinator. In 2003 I went back to SAGU for a year, due to the loss of my grandma and financial hardship I quit SAGU for a season. In 2005- 2007 I was involved in the Healing and Deliverance ministry at Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX which connected me to the class Kingdom Transformation which introduced me to the teaching of Henry Wright “A More Excellent Way” on the Spiritual Roots to Dis-ease and Health. The Social Media Reach: According to I have a social media network total of 14,776 (this number is actually lower than the real time totals are over 15,000) and Splink Percentile of 80% between Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace this doesn't include Linkedin, Google+, Fanbridge, Artistdata, Reverbnation or any other of the social media sites. According to Wordpress I get close 5,000 views of my blog a month at and close to 8,000 views of my mixtape blog at totaling nearly 13,000 views a month in addition to my Social Media reach that's near 28,000 people I reach in some form or another. Of course there is some crossover. Once both blogs are combined to the new website there should be a marked increase in viewership and social media reach. It appears that my social media reach equals similar stats to my social media followers and those who follow my blogs. I currently have a 52 Klout score. The Klout score analysis says I am a thought leader (that sounds about right) it explains further; that I am effectively using social media to influence my network across a variety of topics; that I am engaged by influencers; that I am more likely to have my message amplified (liked or retweeted) than the average person; and that I have a larger network than most people. That's not bad for a guy who has only been seriously blogging for about two years. The previous work was a part time hobby. It is fun to write and see the growth in readership, relationship and connection with the readers. I have a unique and broad reach from Christian Hop Hop Artist, to Pentecostal Christians, to Messianic Jews, to Christians Study Hebrew and the Jewish Roots of the Gospels, to Believers interested in the Messianic Implications of the Tanakh, Torah and Biblical Festivals in light of Yeshua, to Atheist and Agnostics who weigh in from time to time. I continue to use my reach to contend for the faith and present interesting, fun and challenging ideas, to hopefully cause thought and/or growth/change of which I have seen testimonies of all the above. The NWA Enigma: My freshman year of High School some of my best friends were DVC, a friends sister was dating Insane Crip Gangsta (ICG), and the friend who got me into stealing and breaking and entering was a CMG (Crip Mobb Gangstas). I hung with them everyday or at least on a pretty regular basis. They asked me if I wanted to get jumped in I had been listening to early NWA at the time and a lyric stuck out to me that made the stop and think. On NWA’s “Express Yourself” the part of Dre’s verse goes like this, “I still express, yo, I don’t smoke weed or a sess / Cause its known to give a brother brain damage / And brain damage on the mic don’t manage / Nuthin’ / But makin’ a sucker and you equal / Don’t be another sequel / Express Yourself… It’s crazy to see people be / What society wants them to be. But not me!…Come on and do it / Express Yourself / From the heart.” I was thinking about that about the same time that there was an innocent church girl (a preachers daughter) got shot in a drive by in from of Eriberto’s (their target was some DVC gangstas). Then some Mesa loco got shot at the end of my block and one of my homies friends. The thing is that I said no to getting jumped in and in a matter of weeks they caught some serious cases. Johnny B got 20 to life for being 17 1/2 and violently beating a dude over 60 times with fist, a board and stomping him in the ground, Malcolm got 2 years in Juvi and 2 Years probation for the same instance. I would have been with them that day had it not been for G-d through that verse by Dr Dre on an NWA album making me stop and say no I don’t want to end up a sucka, or have brain damage, or be dead, in jail, running from the cops or strung out on drugs somewhere. That’s not a life to live; it’s a life of death waiting to catch up with it. Not long after that I was in the school library and this dude Junior from the DVB pulled a gat on me in the library at school and was like “give me your money or I’ll bust a cap in you.” I was like,”man I don’t have anything for you, put that down.” He kept insisting and “I said go ahead shoot me, put the gun down and leave me alone I don’t have nothing for you, if you shoot me you won’t make it out of this library and you will spend a long time in jail.” Knowing full well I had money but I wasn’t about to give it up, I was hungry and wasn't going to miss my lunch. Anyways he backed down and almost every time I saw him after that he was like, “you want me to jump you in my gang, because we need guys who are fearless like you.” I was like “no,” thinking to myself not if you punk out on robbing me, come on. In the end I didn’t want to get shot up, on drugs, OD or in jail because if I had decided to live that life I probably would have either end up in jail, dead, shot or strung out on drugs. I decided that life is not for me. It was that lyric that started me toward a path away from all that and I decided to live above that. G-d eventually got a hold of me and the rest is HIS-story. That’s a trip that verse from a lost cat G-d could use to save me from drugs, crack, jail and death. Imagine how much more power Gospel Rap is that is clear about glorifying Christ. At this point I started becoming a daredevil and an adrenaline junky. I would do risky things and started hanging some friends who also had dangerous and suicidal tendancies. We would see who would do the most dangerous things. I think it was some form of destructive coping mechanism to deal with all the violence and abuse I experienced. The Testimony: At the time that I was into Martial Arts and had done some full combat mixed Martial Arts in which I got two torn rotator cuffs, I got saved and healed of my torn rotator cuff when I was invited to a Wyman Mitchel of The Potters Hours Messiahian Fellowships - Healing Crusade at the Pier Amphitheater in Oceanside on August 17, 1996 at about 8:30 pm. I got connected, discipled and baptized at Family Fellowship Church of the Assemblies of God, that was experiencing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit after its leadership had went to the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. I hadn’t heard of it before, however the presence of the Spirit was strong, I received further healing at FFC, got baptized in water in 2006 and was Baptized in the Spirit at Campus Days at SAGU Spring of 2007. I got involved in the Church by designing sets for seasonal plays, as a youth mentor, street evangelist/preacher, performing in human drama’s, participated in AIM Short Term Mission Trips, and Choir as well as being the Janitor for the Church. Being on staff they required that I join them everyday and pray an hour a day based on Larry Lea‘s teaching “Could You Not Tarry An Hour A Day.” This was a very challenging and spiritually dynamic time.see more