Kenneth L. Fax, has created and managed Global Professional Service Programs and Teams, identified and contributed to company Increased Revenue Cycles for 2.1 million quarter to approxiamately 3.2 billion in within 3 years. delegated and deliver senior level projects, programs and revenue-based services, complex information architectures, financial systems software, mobile-managed application services and strategic web-based delivery systems. On a regular basis, he provides strategic alliances, provides interim consulting or manages senior level projects for companies such as Adobe Systems, Microsoft Partners, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Bank of America, The Estate Planning Team, Pacific Stock Exchange, healthcare providers and major international franchises. He has also advised several emerging and international companies when it comes to strategic business development, creating profitable professional services and revenue-generating programs regarding strategic business development. Mr. Fax is widely credited with growing and increasing revenue, coaching well-established businesses, growing companies and re-engineering projects for major internet companies, business intelligence architectures, hosting aggregators, consultancy service leaders, banking systems, ISP’s, US Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. He did it by recognizing the fact that customers will line to buy unique services to promote, market and maintain services for their businesses as long as you are ready to give them a good value, service and build relationships. He has an extensive and successful extensive background in the technology, business development, financial markets and retail services industries. The experience has been with companies in US, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Africa, India, United Kingdom, France and Russia. As the need arises, he also facilitates business funding, venture capital for existing businesses, green merchant solutions and instant marketing platform solutions and staffing. see more