I'm a single mother of 2 beautiful children Megan and Samuel. I'm a full time mom and spend most of my time taking care of my youngest child, Samuel, who was recently diagnosed with Autism. Both myself and my eldest child Megan have a hereditary condition known as Von Willebrands disorder. Life can be quite hectic for me most of the time! But when I do find a few moments to myself, I enjoy reading, listening to music and catching up on a few favorite TV programs and films. My hobbies include designing and hand crafting bridal tiaras and jewellery for my very small home run business Enchanting Tiaras. I also enjoy writing fantasy fiction and short stories. I have also been known to document momentous life experiences in, what I suppose can only be described as the start to some kind of personal Biography. As silly as this may sound, the activity has actually helped me trough some very difficult times in my life; such as the breakdown of my marriage, Megan's various health related issues and Samuel's special educational needs. Something which I had no experience with whatsoever and has actually been a very big eye opener for me. see more