Have you ever been to a coffee and juice bar? One where you could get the most aromatic cup of coffee, the most carefully pulled shots of espresso and also a pure, fresh veggie or fruit juice? It was my dream to have a little shop just like that on the boardwalk of a little seaside town close to where I live. But I realized that might be a few years away, so in the meantime, I decided to set up a virtual coffee and juice bar. And while I can’t shake your hand or serve you a real coffee, espresso or healthy juice drink, I can pass on to you all of the great information that I find. Thanks for checking me out on instructables, and I hope you’ll visit my website, http://www.coffeeandjuicers.com, where we give straightforward, in depth reviews of the best coffee makers, espresso machines, and juicing machines on the market. Ciao bella, Melsee more