S.K. Eyre


S.K. Eyre is an anagram, sort of, for the author’s childhood nickname: Scare. (Pictured above as normally seen - sipping coffee) Currently S.K. lives on Langley AFB in Virginia with her amazing family. Though she has lived in many other places, thanks to the United States Air Force, and is a proud card carrying Texan, she still considers Mountain View Arkansas one of her home towns. It was in that sleepy mountain town that she learned to jig dance and appreciate bluegrass. Under her alter ego, S.K. is a Technical Writer. She is also a stepmother to an outstanding young man – who she spoils rotten and loves with all her heart - he calls her Belle-Mere. His father, S.K.’s husband, is a spectacular man, whom she would be lost without. She is insanely close to her mother and sister and speaks to one, if not both of them daily. Yes, it’s a good thing cell phones have free long distance.see more

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