At Strategic Social Marketing we are dedicated to working with people to encourage and support approaches that achieve positive and lasting impacts on people's lives. We work to help people apply and integrate learning and skills from across different sectors and disciplines. Our goal is to help organisations establish strong citizen focused and evidence driven strategies, designed to influence and sustain positive behaviours. We focus on the strategic application of behavioural intervention and social marketing approaches. Harnessing the latest thinking on social change and are committed to working to help develop policy and strategy to tackle issues in such areas as health improvement, environment, civic engagement and social order. If you have a behavioural challenge then we would be pleased to discuss ways we might be able to assist and support you in addressing this both strategically and operationally. The following resources / products are made available to people seeking to use and integrate effective behavioural intervention and social marketing approaches into their work. We only ask two things: * Please acknowledge that we are the source of these materials when you use them * Please let us have your comments and feedback on the materials, as we want to continually improve and enhance what we dosee more