I am an International Business Manager at Priority Management Australia (I see my role more as business development) & geographically cover Australia (Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and South Australia), as well as South Africa, South America and South East Asia. The company I work for is Priority Management http://prioritymanagement.com.au the premier time, workload and planning management training company in the world. Our single goal: showing you a better way to work. Apparently I earn commission from the selling of our various training programs, but that's not why I do what I do. Helping others gain their work/life balance and more, through the implementation of what they learn from our training programs, is what drives me on. I also undertake the social media role for Priority Management, where you can find us here on LinkedIn, on Facebook and twitter ....why don't you stop on by and say hello. Social Media is the area I want to focus more on, and my ultimate aim is to manage Social Media activities for not only Priority Management, but also some of our clients... it is an area I consider underdone, but I want to make my mark in. I enjoy building long standing relationships with my clients, ensuring the foundations are built on trust, patience, full transparency, open mindedness, attention to detail, and responsiveness. Whilst I live in Brisbane, I work two weeks every month in our Melbourne office, helping the team build this office to the level of prestige it fully deserves. Even though I have done this for month than 18 months (and that's quite a few flights with our national carriers Virgin Blue and Qantas), it is not a glamorous life, but certainly is an interesting one. Further it allows me to fully utilise Priority Management's time, planning and workload management training. So if you are interested in a better way to work, call me on +61 438 226 685 Specialties While I am not an expert, I have been using BlackBerry devices since 2004, so you could say I know my way around the BlackBerry. What's more, I try to push the BlackBerry functionality to the limit, in my goal to live a mobilised life, incorporating work, play & anything else in between. I enjoy sharing my knowledge & passion of the BlackBerry to absolutely anyone and everyone; it just makes sense. BlackBerry PIN 21E6CF3Asee more

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