Founded in 1915 by Alfred A. Knopf and his wife Blanche W. Knopf, the house of Knopf has long been one of America's foremost book publishers—known for both the quality of its authors and for the high level of its book design and production. Throughout its history, Knopf has been dedicated to publishing distinguished fiction and nonfiction. Fully 21 Knopf authors have been honored with the Nobel Prize; 29 have won the National Book Award; 49 have received the Pulitzer Prize; 25 have won the National Book Critics Circle Award; and countless others have won awards of a more specific nature. Knopf's list of authors has included Willa Cather, John Hersey, Thomas Mann, H.L. Mencken, Andre Gide, Albert Camus, Kahlil Gibran, William Maxwell, John Cheever, Raymond Carver, Peter Taylor, Richard Hofstadter, and Barbara W. Tuchman, as well as the poets Wallace Stevens and Langston Hughes. In 1968 direction of the firm passed to Robert Gottlieb and, in 1987, to Sonny Mehta. The current Knopf list includes Toni Morrison, John Updike, V.S. Naipaul, Anne Tyler, Richard Ford, Anne Rice, Alice Munro, Jane Smiley, Robert A. Caro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Michael Ondaatje, Kazuo Ishiguro, Elie Wiesel, Oliver Sacks, Cormac McCarthy, Haruki Murakami, Sue Miller, Allan Gurganus, Carl Hiaasen, James Ellroy, John Keegan, Dr. Andrew Weil, Ernest J. Gaines, and David Allen Sibley, to name a few.see more

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