Aidan Zestien

For those who asks, my name means fire and my surname? not really sure but I like it because its close to my favorite number, sixteen My name doesn't have anything to do with my personality, I do not have a fiery personality (whatever that is). Im a simple person, very easy to approach to. For some reasons, I tend to be close to girls, maybe because my siblings are all girls. (Im the eldest) I love singing, almost everywhere, whenever I want to but that doesn't mean I have a really great voice. I just love it since its much easier to express yourself and yes, I have a bit of trouble expressing myself to people to the point that I sometimes offend them. But I will apologize as soon as I knew about it. I love company, I cant imagine what life would be if Im alone ( no man is an island right?). I love bonding with people, hanging out and stuff. Most of the time doing silly stuff (whenever Im with my "Barkadas") But then again, when Im alone, I know Im not because I have God by my side. Im not the typical guy who loves sport, Im not the kind that would play basketball or whatever sport in the afternoon with my friends. I don't know, I just don't. Not because Im thin (even thin people do sports). I think its just not for me I guess. But I do love, besides singing, making poems and eventually turning them into songs. I just recently learn (and still learning) how to play the guitar (with the help of some "Tambays" just outside of our house). Im also into business and if you are interested, you can browse my album on facebook of the health and beauty products I offer. I love interacting with people and helping those who have problems. I tend to give advice and help them in the best I can. But for some reasons, I sometimes, have a hard time dealing with my own problems (family, etc.) thats me. Knows how to help others but can never help himself. There are a lot of things I am yet to learn about myself., that is why I love meeting new people (and I know with facebook, I can). When meeting new people, new personalities, it gives me an opportunity to learn more about me (and them also) whenever Im with them.See MoreSee less