Anirudha Alam a human resource development specialist and trainer worked in a national NGO and community centered national organization named Bangladesh Extension Education Services (BEES) as a Deputy Director (Information & Development Communication) and Trainer over the period of 2003-2011. He was the Executive Board Member of Bangladesh Project Management Institute (BPMI) a training & research organization as well. He has written and edited more than 40 books and a good number of articles on various issues like human resource development, training, community development & mobilization, women empowerment, human rights, education awareness, social development, income generating activities, environment awareness, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness, juvenile literature, short stories and so on. His noteworthy books are Kulsums and Karims (a collection of success stories of disadvantaged community people of Bangladesh), Kulsums (a collection of success stories of disadvantaged & destitute community women of Bangladesh), The Reflections (a collection of posters on literacy & education of Bangladesh), Towards a New Hope, Social Assistance Message Collection, Social Assistance Advocacy Manual, Eaisab Rat Din (a collection of juvenile poems), Du Sha Bachharer Sera Bangla Kishor Galapa (a collection of juvenile Bengali stories of two hundred years) etc.see more