Annie Harrison draws some of her literary inspiration from living in a 300-year old house outside Canterbury once owned Jane Austen’s brother, Edward Knight. The next-door vicarage provided Miss Austen with the literary setting for Pride and Prejudice. The mansion glimpsed over the estate wall from Annie’s writing desk window reportedly imbued the author with her Mansfield Park and Persuasion masterpieces. Obviously, quite a tough literary act to follow, but Annie decided to give it a go anyway. In a very non-Jane Austen way, Annie hastily met and married her Mr Darcy on the cusp of 40, after years of desperate, delusional and disastrous dating. She had two children in quick succession and was relieved to finally move on from her previous Bridget Jones existence (pardon the mix of genres). Her experiences lead her to write Finding Mr Right: The Real Woman’s Guide to Landing That Man – an inspirational anthology for reluctantly single Elizabeth Bennets and Bridget Joneses everywhere. Annie’s second book, The Oddball English, takes an acerbic look at the English national character. It's a sweeping generalization and patronizing stereotyping of the English people. Some of their quirks, a dollop of their food, a social mélange of their classes and a warble of accents found throughout England. Annie is a promiscuous and voracious creative writer, constantly experimenting. She is passionate about literature, social anthropology, English humour and the English language. She also enjoys binge drinking, morris dancing and and cheese rolling. The Oddball English and Finding Mr Right are available from Amazon on Kindle. Twitter: @AuthorAnnieH Twitter: @FindingMrsee more