Balthazar Mattar

Born in 1991, Balthazar started writing short stories at a young age. A consistent musical education meant that he began to focus on composing from adolescence, only returning to writing at 16 but now crafting poetry as oppose to prose. The first works were experimental in relation to concrete formations. This highly visual approach to text gradually became redundant when it was realised that the prevolence stressed on spacing and gaps was turning into a method to cover lack of word crafting skill. Took a break from writing to focus solely on composition once again. At 19 started writing seriously again , the works now focussed on sound and rhythm and Balthazar started doing open mic events. Balthazar has recently started collaborating with composer Alex Nikiporenko on creating meladeclamatory pieces which incorporate performance art. They work together uner the name 'Pretty Tensions'.see more