Review for Breathing Underwater

3.0 out of 5 stars Something of a letdown..., July 26, 2009By Kathleen Wagner "*Mitakuye Oyasin or We are A... (SWPA) - See all my reviews(REAL NAME) Reading this book will give you an idea of what a young woman training to be a doctor in England faces. It is clear that bias against woman doctors has not yet been completely eliminated, especially among older, male doctors.This book is a collection of the experiences of a young woman who enters medical school and the situations she faced and how she deals with them. Weston tells of dealing with children, emergencies, death,and more, and her own personal grow as she makes her way through.The stories are brief and informative. The author mentions that it was her intent to depersonalize the stories in order to honor the privacy of her patients. Some of the experiences she relates are interesting and poignant.In fact most of them are, yet there is something missing. The approach is matter of fact to the extreme. Some descriptions are somewhat graphic, but no more than need be to get the point across and give an accurate picture of the experience.To me the most interesting part of this short book deals with Weston's own personal growth. I find it hard to describe exactly what it was that I found lacking, but there was indeed something missing here. Bland is the word I can best use to describe this book. It held my attention long enough to finish reading, but I was not sorry to put it down when I had.
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