Review for Pretty Little Mistakes

I was bored with this book, which is a surprise because I enjoyed the previous two books in this series well enough. The plot was convoluted, but that seems to be the case more often than not with this author, and I haven't minded in other books by Jeffries, so that wasn't it. Maybe it was the hero and heroine themselves. Not that they're marred individually by any intrinsic character flaw. She's relatively intelligent, and he's a control freak, but crazy for the heroine. I just couldn't connect with the characters, and couldn't really muster up any interest in their story. There's a side story involving Rosalind and Griff from the first book, A Dangerous Love, as they go through a little bit of a rocky patch in their marriage. But this cameo appearance wasn't enough to salvage After the Abduction, which completely fell flat for me. Having finished it I'm hard pressed to recall anything specific about the book, anything I could mention in a review beyond how difficult it was for me to plow through to the end. But I persevered, and hope the next Swanlea installment will be better.
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