Review for Dark Guardian

I read another book recently by Christine Feehan and it was readable, quite readable, this however is tripe. The Main character, Jaxon or Jaxx Montgomery is being hounded by her psychopathic step-father, who kills everyone she loves. Raised as an army brat, with some SEAL training, interested in various marial arts she sees him kill her family and then the people who adopt her so she grows up with a strong sense of justice and becomes a cop. She is of course, petite, curvy, cute and gets emotionally involved. Lucian Daratrazanoff is a dark guardian who kills the law breakers in the carpathian community. He rescues her, makes her one of his race and demands that she obey's him. Personally I would have been looking for ways to kill him right about there but she, after some token arguments, embraces him and her new life. Nasty, manipulative and stupid. I've read another short story in the series and it made me feel the same. Perhaps it's something lacking in me but I just don't feel the need to have someone else tell me what to do with my life. What's even scarier is that several people have said that it's the BEST IN THE SERIES. There really seems to be only two reactions to these books, love or hate. In my opinion run away NOW!
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