Review for A Quick Bite

First in a long series, A Quick Bite conceivably fulfils the meaning of its title - sadly not for me is this book a satisfying meal. Even with an interesting variation on vampiric origins I found the story-line too pedestrian, even vapid; possibly due to my preference for more artful intricacies in my paranormal particulars than pages of romantic eroticism - it just bores me these days. The basics of the plot coalesce around single, beautiful, 200 year old Lissianna, member of the Argeneau vampire family who, endearingly but unfortunately, suffers from a phobia and faints at the sight of blood. Enter gorgeous, single, human psychologist Greg Hewitt - plucked from his routine by Lissianna’s mother to solve the myriad of problems associated with her daughter’s dilemma - and it is not difficult to perceive the flow of the story-line thence. Whilst this was a quick easy read, possessing some diverting and unusual departures regarding the paranormal aspects, this book did not hold me engrossed. I found the characters simplistic in their development and rather banal over all; and though occasionally revealing an unexpected plot device there was never any doubt to the eventual outcome, nor any great fascination in the course of the journey.If your predilection in reading is for lightweight paranormal romance, with hot-blooded bedroom antics within an exotic, somewhat tantalising world, then this book will most likely satisfy and gratify. Even as I can definitely respect the appeal this series may offer, regrettably it did not for me; I will reconsider reading more of this series and leave these books for those who appreciate this genre much more.(Nov 24, 2010)
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