Review for Long Time Gone

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J.P. “Beau” Beaumont is now retired from the Seattle PD and working for the Washington State Special Homicide Investigation Team, more commonly known as “SHIT.” He works on two cases: One is a fifty-year-old murder witnessed by a little girl who is now a nun and who repressed the memory until her constant screaming at night caused the other nuns to insist she go for hypnotherapy. The second is the murder of the former wife of Beau’s former partner Ron Peters. As in previous books, Beaumont bucks authority a lot, alienating a lot of co-workers but solving the crimes. And as in previous books, there is an attractive woman - in this case his new partner Mel - who can’t resist him. Jance always seems to try to educate her readers, in this case about domestic violence, and does a good job of portraying (but not explaining) female victims of abuse. (JAF)
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