Review for My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-Up

I don't particularly care for the autobiographies of people who aren't dead, but since this reads as the autobiography of a person who could quite easily have been dead, it more or less fits my prerequisite for biography reading.

I find Russell Brand very funny. He has a smart and irreverent sense of humour, which is present in this well-written and not surprisingly erudite book. Brand talks candidly about his drug problems and sex addiction as well as his his formative years and thirst for fame.

You can't read this book without feeling a little sympathy for Brand as he just spirals further and further out of control, but you also can't escape really disliking this egotistical and self-destructive character who doesn't give a shit about the impact of his actions on others, or possibly doesn't care if he comes across as unapologetic.

Overall, it was a funny read and I still have a lot of time for Brand's off-kilter humour and think it's awesome that he's clean and sober and speaks out for addiction as an illness. The book certainly didn't make me dislike him (beyond certain moments).

Though, three stars because I can't seem to want to give it more than that.
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