Review for The Case for a Creator Student Edition

I’ve read Lee’s other books, A Case for Faith and A Case for Christ, and this follows along the same vein as those. Lee interviews numerous experts in their respective fields about subjects and how the facts eventually lead to a case for a Creator. In this book we have topics about Evolution, Astronomy, The Big Bang, Biochemistry, DNA, and much more. A lot of interesting topics and as usual, Lee writes in a very accessible format and is easy and quick to read, not typical of non-fiction books I’ve read lately so I did enjoy this one greatly.In my case, as a Christian, I already hold much of the same beliefs as Lee so I didn’t need much convincing. It was nice to see how science actually points to what I already believe. Would this book have convinced me if I was an avowed atheist? Not likely, but if I had an open mind, and was interested in seeing an opposing viewpoint, this may have been a nice first step in a journey to a new belief system.
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