Review for A Dark Kiss of Rapture

Prequel to Sylvia Day's new Renegade Angels series. Sentinels are angels who are on Earth to watch over the Fallen, fallen angels turned vampires as punishment for falling in the first place, who in turn police over those mortals who have been turned. Raze, a Fallen, heads on over to Chicago to clean up a mess some turned mortal vampires have caused. Here he meets Kim and so the love fest begins.Nice short. Definitely makes me want to read the rest of the series. I just didn't like how it ended. It's definitely open ended but yet unresolved. I would hate to think I won't see the Hero/Heroine in the series again. I totally enjoyed the spin on fallen angels being turned into vampires and hope that there is more background given in the full size novels. All in all it was a nice believable read which had me intrigued until the end. Love this talented author so I hope the rest of the series is great.
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