Review for Prophecy of the Flame: Book One

The story focuses on a group taking part in a roll playing activity and are transported to another dimension. A wizard in that dimension called for them to help his kingdom that is being attacked by demons. It turns out that there is a prophecy that was tailor made for the female Mage named RebaThis is the first book that I have read that deals with roll playing. It was written in the first person and was done well. It read at a nice pace and you found yourself sucked in to the story. I liked the fact that it focused on the honor of the characters and that they looked at the consequences of their actions. I did find Reba doing most of the work was a little unrealistic. I would expect her partners to add more to what was being done.I found myself staying up till 2am in the morning on a work night to finish the book. I would recommend it to anyone that likes fantasy and action. I am looking forward to the second installment in the book to see where the characters end up
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