Review for Masked by Moonlight

Max is tall, dark, and handsome with a wolfish grin - literally. He also just so happens to serve as the muscle for mob boss, Jimmy Legere. Charlotte is your typical "good" cop out to discover her father's killer while ridding the streets of evil one creep at a time. Under any other circumstance, we probably wouldn't see these two having much to do with one another unless one was trying to kill the other. In Nancy Gideon's MASKED BY MOONLIGHT, however, we get to see them in an action packed story full of mystery and passion. Charlotte and Max are a fun couple to read about. Charlotte is fairly relatable to your average female reader and I found following her to be pretty entertaining. Max is super attractive and definitely a guy we wouldn't mind getting to stare at over coffee. Put the two together and it's like Ms. Gideon created an explosion of romance on the pages. The chemistry between these two is definitely one of the highpoints to me, although I will say that at times it almost felt forced. The relationship between Max and Charlotte was thrown impossible curve balls and yet still they manage to overcome them. I'll be excited to see where Ms. Gideon takes these characters in the second book in the Moonlight Triology, Chased by Moonlight.Aside from the romance, passion, and the neverending question of what will happen in Max and Charlotte's relationship, the underlying mystery and drama of the book makes for a fantastic read. The story is complex, holding multiple layers of depth, without being overly so. It is very easy to follow, but not so simple that your mind gets lazy and sleepy. Max and Charlotte both have questions from their past and it seems that the answers converge. Is there more to the story than either of them know? Ms. Gideon leads us through the book, easily hooking us with dynamic characters and her development of the plot. She throws questions at us, gives us a few answers and then tosses more questions our way. There really isn't a single moment in MASKED BY MOONLIGHT that leaves the reader feeling bored and ready to jump ahead.I recommend this to any Paranormal and Romance fans out there. The passion in MASKED BY MOONLIGHT is intense and beautifully written, while the paranormal aspect of it gives it that feeling of "other" that readers find so compelling nowadays. Ms. Gideon appears to have a great series in the works here and there's no telling what she has up her sleeve for us next.
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