Review for The Myth of Multitasking

I typically really dislike fable-type books, but this one was a pleasant surprise. It tells the concise story of a business leader who 'multitasks,' only to discover that what she's really doing is called 'switchtasking' and 'background tasking' and that none of us are capable of truly multitasking. The big take-away for me was that multi-tasking is impossible for us to actually do... similar to the fact that it is impossible for a computer to do, but it seems like it is 'working' on more than one program/task at a time, but the microprocessor (the brains of the computer) is actually switching back and forth between the two or more things. When we 'switch-task,' which is what we actually do when we think we're working on more than one thing at a time, it slows us down, makes us less efficient, and can sometimes hurt relationships (think of when you're having a meal with a friend and they pick up that call on their cell phone). Sometimes what we do is 'background task.' That's when we listen to music while we work out, or watch TV while ironing (ok. I never do that second one, but I'm sure some people do). Background tasking is ok, as long as what we're needing to accomplish is 'mindless.' A lot of what the book had to say, I already knew. It is presented in a concise story format and will make me re-think some things. Crenshaw also includes tools in the back of the book to help you implement the principles he communicates in this short book.
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