Review for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander is in hospital, with a bullet in her brain. She is wanter on 3 counts of murder and one of GBH. A doctor saves her life, but she might not enjoy it, as the SSA (Swedish Secret Agency) wants her shut in a asylum to protect the fact that her father was a KGB hitman who defected. With the help of Blomkvist, a journalist from Millenium magazine, and his sister, Advokat Gigiani, she attempts to beat them, a corrupt psychologist and the police force in a court of law. In the mean time Erika Burger, ex-editor of Millenium aquires a stalker, who keeps sending e-mails containing the word wh*re. Lisbeth Salander is informed about this and uses her elite colleuges at Hacker Republic to find him. In the end Lisbeth goes public with the information of her life as a police investigation, using tip-offs from Salander, arrests top government officials during the trial. The judge rules that she is in fact the victim, so she is aquitted and given her own rights back.
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