Review for Taken by Storm: A Raised by Wolves Novel

This is a perfect novel IF there ends up being a fourth book. This is because the book ends literally with our heroine in the act of a life changing event. "Taken by Storm" ties up a ton of other story lines which is satisfying and heartbreaking in turn but the story still doesn't feel complete. It feels like a game changer (or shall I say, a series changer) but in no way, shape or form does this feel like a series finale.Bryn and her pack must find a ex pack member who may be involved with some grisly murders taking place across different pack lines. They want to get to Maddie before another pack does. I almost can't say another thing about the plot because it sounds so simple but it is anything but. This was such a well written and intriguing book. Ms. Barnes doesn't take the easy route. She made some tough decisions and puts her characters through pain and heartbreak. The resolution to the Shay storyline and what it means for his brother Devon was completely amazing. I couldn't believe how well thought out and thrilled I was with the way the good guys pulled off a win in this piece of the story.There was a shocking death I would NEVER have predicted. I was bothered by this but apparently not as much as many fans. I think it could be a great transitional point if this series continues. I really hope it does continue. For all the wonderful YA books out there, this series may be among the best. If there is not another story than I can't say I am happy with this book because the story will feel so incomplete and darn it, the series shouldn't be allowed to end with Bryn so unhappy.
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