Review for Afterwards: A Novel

Critically injured after being trapped in a school fire, a mother and daughter find themselves in an out-of-body experience where they can see, hear, and even travel with the loved ones hovering around their hospital beds. If you can accept this impossibility, you'll enjoy reading this mildly suspenseful story of love and trust, betrayal and lies. The reader is kept guessing - will mother and daughter survive? who set the fire? who's lying and why? The main character deftly switches from Grace (the mother) to Sarah, Grace's law enforcement sister-in-law, who unexpectedly puts everything on the line to investigate. As in her previous novel (Sister), Lupton writes complex characters and twisty plot lines with plenty of false leads. She uses a good amount of British usage, e.g. A-levels, reception classes, rows, and bits, which may hamper some American readers.
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