Review for Blood and Gold

Plot: There's nothing new to see here. The entire plot has been told three times before, in The Vampire Lestat by Marius and Armand, in Pandora by Pandora, and in The Vampire Armand by Armand. There are a few new chapters, but overall it's a retelling of what is already known. Crappy ending. Crappy beginning, too. Characters: Marius is character-assassinated very thoroughly and is now a megalomanic, arrogant workaholic rather than the wise father figure he used to be. Side characters are generally painted as selfish idiots who interfere with his duties; characterization reiles on how they have been written before, then proceeds to deconstruct them into unrecognizability. The book's great problem is Thorne, the one who gets the story told to and who has the attention span and brain of a hummingbird. Style: The book is described to death. Description covers over anything that might be interesting, and when description doesn't do, Marius navel-gazing takes over. He misses the fall of the Roman empire by being too preoccupied with himself, completely misses the Middle Ages by being even more introspective. Renaissance gets glossed over because his painting supplies are more fun, and all other historic periods are simply ignored altogether, with an attempt to cover up this lack by description of small things and more re-telling of what happened in previous books.Plus: Hard to think of anything. Some interesting scenes that flesh out already known situations. Minus: The book is completely overwritten. Character assassination that qualifies as mass murder. Nothing new, just retelling. Summary: This is where the Vampire Chronicles lost their last redeeming values. For hardcore fans only.
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