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Edge of Danger is the first of the Edge brothers trilogy who all happen to be TFLAC operatives with special powers. Gabriel Edge is the oldest of the Edge brothers and never plans to marry due to a family curse that was put on his family centuries ago by a witch that his many times great-grandfather was engaged to, but did not marry because he fell in love with someone else. Gabriel is assigned to penetrate the mind of Eden Cahill so they can rebuild an artificial intelligence robot she created that was stolen by a terrorist so they can destroy the stolen robot, but when he tries and is unable to do so the only way he is able to get to her photogenic mind is through an intimate encounter when her guard is down enough for him to get the needed info. Can they stop the deadly robot in time and can they break the curse the will cause her death? This book has plenty of danger and passion. Loved this book!
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So you create a powerful, unstoppable AI and expect it won't all go wrong and the powers that be won't want it or some megalomaniac won't do something with it? You're a powerful psychic and the only way you can think of getting someone to let their guard down is to have sex with them, even though you're kinda falling for them and that could lead to their death? And these are smart people?The psychics are a bit overpowered and while it was entertaining while I read it, the plot holes were pretty huge and obvious. It also featured the huge big male and tiny girl female, it just all felt a bit much sometimes.
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