Reader reviews for The Black Dragon

Malcom, the uber-logical black dragon, had all the reason in the world to dislike witches. But when it came to Saba, the witch he had once enslaved, logic and reason seemed to escape him.When Malcom had left Saba months earlier she had sworn never to fall prey any dragon ever again. However, when Saba is attacked by a viscious white dragon she has no choice but to call Malcom to her.Driven together again by a threat to all of dragon kind Malcom and Saba have to work to discover how to stop the white dragon. Although they are helpless against their attraction to each other, will it be enough for them to have a future if they succeed in their task?Even in the first book of this series, Dragon Heat, I had been drawn to the relationship between Malcom and Saba. I really enjoyed both characters very much. In this book there are also some very interesting side characters introduced which added a nice sub-plot to the story. Although I thought the language was a little awkward in places, it is not unusual for me to feel this way about romances in general, and I easily got past that so I could enjoy the book as a whole. I found this to be a very entertaining read that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others who enjoy paranormal romances.
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