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This would be the 1st book I'd recommend to anyone who finds out they are pregnant. That's exactly how we came to this book - it was recommended to my wife and I upon learning we were going to have a little one in the near future - and it didn't disappoint. Gives you the good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful and clears up some of the unknown of going thru the ordeal of having your first baby. And it does so in laymen's terms. Make sure to double check with your Doc before taking the book as gospel - one of the meds listed as OK in the book was not ok per our doctor.
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please read this book with a skeptical mind. or at least just know that it is skewed very heavily towards a technocratic approach to childbirth. readers should be warned that the information is coming from two obstetricians with a very strong medically-oriented bias. as was pointed out by another reviewer, i found some statements that are absolutely not true: one is the authors' claim that pitocin does not lead to more painful contractions; the second is that giving birth in the lithotomy position (on your back) makes for the easiest delivery. (it may be easist for the doctor.) both of these are known to be false. in fact, it has been pointed out that the lithotomy position is the single most dysfunctional position for delivery. it actually makes the pelvis more narrow and increases the likelihood of tears. also, it has been the least common position adopted by birthing women throughout history and the world except in cultures that have embraced a medical approach to birth (and then, it was the doctors' idea). i think this is very irresponsible of the authors and the publisher should have balanced their perspective with that of natural-birth practitioners so that women could hear more than one viewpoint.

i gave it two stars instead of one because there is some helpful information. also, on a personal level, this was the book that prompted me to call my midwife because of the early contractions i was experiencing. some other books seemed to imply that the contractions could be normal. in other words, i think this book is most useful for the medically urgent issues that may come up during pregnancy but NOT for a normal, healthy pregnancy that is moving along smoothly.
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