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"Sucker for Love" is book five of Kimberly Raye's 'Dead End Dating' series starring the fantabulous Lil Marchette. Lil's a BV (born vampire as opposed to made...think elite vs redneck) whose life has become pretty complicated. She runs a dating service in the Big Apple and she refuses to discriminate. So she matches, shifters, vamps, demons, humans, and she's trying to get a fae match going too! Problem is that Lil is also VERY un-BV-like in that she's scared of bloody messes, actually LIKES others, and is afraid she's in love with a made vampire. Thank goodness she's still her wonderful, fashion-loving self! This time around she's dealing with sorcerers, demons, a pregnant BFF, her brother, her mother, and a whole host of others...all while trying to save one of her clients who's been kidnapped for use in a rejuvenation ceremony, finding new clients, and keeping the ones she has happy. Life for Lil is just a bloody mess!This isn't one of my favorite series. I've finally figured out that I'm NOT in the target audience for this series. I think it would do better if the sex was toned down and it was marketed towards the teen/YA set. That's just me though. What turns me off is probably what would do so very well for the younger generation in that many times while reading, I felt like I was on FaceBook. It's the whole fashionista name-dropping and cutesy, modern slang that turns me off...but if that's your cup of tea...then you'll love this series.
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The fifth book in Kimberly Raye's Dead End Dating series delivers more of what fans have come to expect. Some laugh aloud moments, some dating disasters, and a threat to charming vampire matchmaker Lil's afterlife. "Sucker For Love" finds Lil's friend Esther kidnapped right from Lil's matchmaking party. Lil, against warnings from about everyone, plans to rescue Esther herself. The mystery was ok, but in the Dead End Dating series the mysteries and murder are really just a side plot. I wish Ms. Raye would realize that the best moments in these novels are those which star Lil and her friends. Even better, those moments are the ones that focus on Lil and her crazy matchmaking schemes and clients. Lil is similar to MJD's "Betsy" but better. She feels real and fleshed out in a way Betsy hasn't for many book now. Lil wants to be a baddie vampire but she is tenderhearted and compassionate. She is strong when she needs to be and always very loyal. This book was at its peak when Lil was in a dumpy hotel in a small town, dealing with they barn animals outside and the old lonely hotel manager. The scenes with Lil's mom trying to sabotage her new daughter in law were great as well. This reader almost forgot about the Merlin and friends murder and rescue plot. The 'climax' scene featuring the kidnapping resolution was actual very anti-climactic and vaguely disappointing. This is a rare series that doesn't need to be a thriller or heavy duty romance. It can stand alone as a comical, light romance story. The characters are strong enough.
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