Shane Briggs

Shane brings a diverse range of operational experience from the New Zealand Fire Service, SPCA Animal Rescue Unit and deployments with Palmerston North Civil Defence, both as a team leader and as an Emergency Management Officer for Palmerston North City Council. As the Rescue Manager for Palmerston North's Rescue Emergency Support Team (NZ-RT4) Shane was involved in the Bryans Beach Landslide Operation; two major flood events in Queensland, Australia; responses to the September and February Christchurch earthquakes; and responses to both water and rope rescue operations in the Manawatu. Shane is also a trustee for the NZ Disaster Assistance Response Team. Shane holds National Certificates in Adult Education & Training, Urban Fire & Rescue Operations, Urban Search & Rescue Operations (Rope Operations, Training and Response Leader), Vegetation Fire & Rescue Services, Workplace Fire & Emergency Response, Specialist Rescue (Rope Instructor) and Civil Defence Operations; as well as a Certificate in Emergency Management and NFPA 1006 Rope, Swiftwater and Animal Rescue Technician qualifications. Shane is also an Instructor Trainer for Rescue 3 International.see more