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Project Management Questions

Project Management Questions

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Published by Ken Matthews
A list of all kinds of questions related to leadership and project management.
A list of all kinds of questions related to leadership and project management.

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Published by: Ken Matthews on Feb 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This is a list I refer to regularly.
Initial Project Fact Finding
 Write A List Of People Who Will Have Information You'll Need & The Types Of InformationThey're Likely to Have.Build Rapport With Them By Reflecting Their Preferred Communication Style.Prepare At Least One Open And One Closed Probe For Every Topic You Plan To Address.Gather Information Until You're Sure About The Project's (1) Purpose, (2) Outcome, (3) Value,(4) Potential Problems, (5) Your Responsibility & Authority, (6) The Budget & (7) TheDeadline.
Getting Enthusiastic Help From Participants
 Start Building Your Overall Influence Foundation By Sincerely & Proactively Developing ASupportive Network.Mini-Max Participant Outcomes You'd Prefer & You'd Need, Then Mini-Max A Range Of Commitment You'll Request.Use Priority & Ability Probe Information To Determine Whether A Potential Participant NeedsTelling, Selling, A Delegated Task Or Coaching/Training To Succeed.
Planning The Project
 Get People Involved In The Early Planning Stages Of Your Projects.Explore Creative Solutions When Risk Is Low And Upside Potential Exists.Develop Draft Goal & Milestone Sequences As Early As Possible To Focus Project Team Input.Prepare Project Charts That Reveal Enough Detail So You Can Effectively Spot PotentialTrouble & Proactively Manage Key Dependencies.
Prime Mover Review Meetings
 Keep Your Project Prime Mover Up To Speed On Results & Plan Variances.Prepare An Agenda & Objective(s) For Every Project Review Meeting (Initial, Periodic &Emergency).Avoid Meetings When Another Method Will Yield The Same Or A Better Result.Make Time To Prepare For & Follow Through On All Project Meetings.Have The Tact & Courage To Exhort, Present, Control, Summarize & To Ask For SpecificAction/Resource Commitments.
Time Management For The Project Manager
 Load Your Planner With All Key Activities And Outcome Dates. Refer To It Before Saying"Yes" To Anyone.Prioritize Planned Activities &, When Asked For Help, Clarify, Calibrate, Compare & Either Challenge or Cooperate To Protect Your Plan.Use Milestones To Reduce Procrastination; Hand Off Results When They're "Business Ready"To Control Perfectionism; Use The Next Response Rule To Improve Listening.Influencing Participants & Prime MoversAnticipate Project Changes & Influence People To Keep Your Project On Line.
Learn Enough About Team Members To Identify Their Wants/Needs & To Work ParticipantBenefits Into Your Projects.When Influencing, Ask More Questions/Probes Than Usual. Best Case - Talk 30% & Listen70%.Welcome Resistance And Discuss/Problem Solve Objections In A Way That Builds PartneringRelationships.Ask For Resources, Support And Commitments From Project Prime Movers & Milestone/TimeCommitments From Project Players.
Presenting Project Results
 Find Out About Your Audience's Expectations, Interests, Familiarity With The Project AndTheir Opinions Of The Project Before Preparing.Prepare A Presentation Goal First, Then Write Enabling Points That Support The Goal.Select Facts, Evidence And/Or Expert Opinion That Support Each Enabling Point.Be Sure To Use The Presentation For Interaction - Not Core Dumping.
Teamwork From Project Teams
 Identify Your Participant's Team Maturity Level - Do They Identify With The Project And EachOther?, Are They Motivated To Learn And Achieve?, Do They Trust Each Other And You?, DoThe Communicate About The Project Frequently, Meaningfully And/Or Productively?Find Things That You, As Leader, Can Start And Stop That Will Help Your Team Mature FromDependence Through Independence To Interdependence.Emphasize Listening, Trust Building, Empowerment And Balance As Team Priorities.Follow ThroughCelebrate Project Team Successes During And At The Conclusion Of The Project.Write Personal Thank You Notes To Individual Project Contributors.Consider Debriefing The Team And Prime Movers - Harvest And Capture Lessons Learned.Download a pdf version of the Project Checklist by clicking on any word in this sentence.
Sales Productivity Checklist
Territory/Strategic Planning(First Things First)Where Are My Key Accounts & What Is Their Growth/Profitability Outlook?What Are My Sales & Margin Objectives For All My Core Accounts?What Outcomes Must I Make Happen By When To Meet My Account & Territory Objectives?Who Are My Competitors & How Do We Stack Up In Terms Of Exclusives & Better Thans?What Sales Tools, Joint Call Support, Authority & Pricing Input Do I Need & How Do I Set ItUp?
 (Facts To Find)Do They Need My Product Or Service & Do They Have The Resources To Pay?Are They Happy With Their Current Supplier?Who Is The Decision Maker & Who Are The Influencers?What Do They Do And How Do They Do It?When & How Do They Make Buying Decisions?
Who Are My Established Competitors & What Are My "Better Thans" and "Exclusives."Have I Learned Enough And Told Them Enough To Ask For A Second Call And To Effectivelysell During It?
Call Planning
 (Need To Know)What Was My Last Call Objective?What Did I Learn And What Did I Promise During The Last Call In This Account?Have I Learned Anything Since My Last Call That Could Be Important To A Key Contact?What Is My Objective(s) For This Call?What Probes Can I Ask That Are Likely To Reveal Information I Need?Is There Anything/Anyone I Should Bring To The Call?Is There Anyone Else From The Client Company Who Should Attend?What Are My Key Contact's Call Objectives?Are There Any Objections I Can Anticipate?Where Is The Best Place To Have This Call (Client's Office, Lunch, Dinner, Etc.)?What Time Of Day & Length Of Call Is Best?During The Call(Things To Do)Adapt To The Client's Style & Stay Focused.Let The Client Know Why I'm There.Do Less Talking Than The Client.Ask My Probes & Follow Up As Needed.Actively Listen For Main & Supporting Points.Restate & Confirm The Client's Key Points.Find Ways To Develop Relationships.Connect Customer Needs To The Ways I Can Add Value To An Ongoing BusinessRelationship.Close (On A Next Meeting, A Deal, Something).After The Call(Follow Through)Write Notes Or A Call Report (Objective, Analysis, Next Actions & Recommendations).Follow Up & Follow Thru Directly With My Management & Others As Needed.Do What I've Promised.Think About How To Develop The Account.Keep on hand a copy of the Seller's Checklist.
High Yield Training Checklist
 Before TrainingWhat Are The Specific, Immediate & Important Competencies You Seek? (What Must YouKnow & Be Able To Do That Warrant The Training Investment?)Is A Training Session The Best Way To Develop The Needed Competencies? (Consider A Book,Coaching, Mentoring, A Video On The Subject, etc.)Does Your Boss Agree With The Need For The Targeted Competencies & Is She Willing ToHelp You Follow Thru? (Will She Prioritize & Hold You Accountable For Each NewCompetency?)

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