Hello, I am Crist from Chile, a man optimistic, transparent, good waves, with democratic principles and universal mentality that likes to take care spiritual, mental and corporally; honest, cheerful, sensitive, of healthy thought and good to live. - My philosophy of life: "To make everything that that doesn't damage physical or psychologically to the other ones or myself; being a contribution in who surround me, looking for the harmony and the excellence. Being my thought of the level of that that can settle down like a general norm of behavior." - I believe in the LOVE AND THE HAPPINESS, I take care in all sense: mention, body (swimming) and soul (Yoga, Reiki), without prejudices, intelligent mainly socially, of good upbringing full with love and values. I studied classical guitar, I have written 3 books, one of Environment on Environmental Legislation, CONAMA, and other Social Security on the pension system. And new one, the Universal Mentality, And I created the PDU, Universal Democratic Party. Text on my spaces I love to learn everything, to grow fully, study, art, deport, science, etc. - It doesn't interest me, neither it dazzles me the money, the physical and the material things; if enough to live comfortably and to have a good time, among other, deport, to dance, to know places and people, parties and in the great pleasures in healthy and balanced. I'm interested in the integrity, virtue and kindness people, and in the bottom of the things and of the ideas, more than in the forms and appearances, money, holdings, etc. Hola, soy Crist de Chile, un hombre buenas ondas, varonil, transparente, de valores y mentalidad universal, que cuida su cuerpo mente y alma; asertivo, sano en todo aspecto, discreto, no hablo de los demas, vivo mi vida happy; simpatico, empatico, de buen humor, alegre, no materialista, hago Reiki, de buen vivir, -no me van locas, envidias, copuchas, no pesco malas ondas, hipocrecias, ni prejucios e "...istas"; Creo en el amor y la felicidad, y bien busco simil ondas, gente sana, nice, light y de buen vivir. He estudiado guitarra clásica y he escrito 3 libros, uno de Normas Ambientales, otro sobre Sistema de Pensiones y ahora uno nuevo sobre Mentalidad Universal;, también cree el partido Democrata Universal. En mi spaces todos ellos. Me encanta aprender de todo, arte, deporte, ciencia, etc., para crecer integralmente. - No me interesa, ni me deslumbran las cosas materiales; y en los placeres sanamente. Si me fijo en el la integridad, virtud y bondad de las personas, y en el fondo de las cosas. I WANT TO MEET “nice people”: good vibes, happy, especially socially intelligent, educated, free, of good and happy life, and universal values and mentality. Not people bad waves, envy, to speak badly about others, hypocrisy, prejudices, and people of this type = basic, primitive. For it i search people good waves, healthy, decent people = freely, intelligently, with universal values, nice, light, make happy and of well to live. - DESEO CONOCER “nice people”: gente buenas ondas, alegre, inteligente sobre todo socialmente, educada, de buen y feliz vivir, de mentalidad y valores universales. Abtenerse locas, envidias, hablar mal de otros, gente mala onda, hipocrecias, prejucios, "...istas" y gente de esa especie = básica, primitiva. Por ello busco simil ondas, gente sana, decente = libre, inteligente, con mentalidad y valores universales, nice, light, alegre y de buen vivirsee more

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