Danny Clifford


I am a veteran of the Vietnam War from 1969 to 1971, serving in the U. S. Army as an Airborne Ranger. A graduate from Re-condo Training School in Da Nang, Vietnam a school of about 7,000 elite graduates from all over the world specializing in guerrilla warfare. I served one year with the 75th Rangers attached to the 173rd airborne division at L Z English, Vietnam. I extended my tour for an additional six months with the 2nd Ranger Command in Pleiku, Vietnam as an advisor to the Vietnamese Rangers and Mountain Yard’s at border camp six located in village Ple Marong, Vietnam. Awards include; a Bronze Star for meritorious service, Vietnamese Ranger Badge, Re-Condo badge, Infantry Combat Badge, and others. One of my professional experiences includes over 25 years in the Martial Arts. I am a Master Instructor 4th Dan Black Belt certified by the World Taekwondo Federation in Soule, Korea. I was the Head coach of the State of Maine’s Junior Olympic Taekwondo Nation Championship Team’s from 1993 to 2002. In 1998 I was blessed to receive the Instructor of the Year Award for the State of Maine, from the United Sates Taekwondo Union. I was nominated for the award by Grand Master Raymond Moreau, President of Maine State Taekwondo Union and the students and parents from across the state of Maine. On February 28, 2004 God granted me an answer to my dreams and prayers, Michelle Knowles as my beautiful wife, friend, and partner. We are an anointed ministry team serving the kingdom of God as Evangelists, we have a Prison Ministry and enjoy traveling to Churches, and groups sharing our love for God and humanity. I love spending my spare time with my best friend and lovely wife, she is a blessed gift from God. God has put a compassionate message into my heart for the Church of Today “the Church of Laodicea”. I am available and willing to travel to your Church, business, or organization, for a service, a convention, a revival, and or a book signing ... for the purpose of sharing the message that God has put in him. We do not charge stipends or fees to perform God’s Work. We depend on the Holy Spirit in leading you to partner with us with your love gifts and offerings in helping this ministry teach others to become disciples for Christ. We have a vision for the prison ministry in Maine and New England ... to take a Gospel team of music and message into every jail and prison in Maine. Sit back and Read and enjoy “Behind Enemy Lines Saved by a Secret Weapon”. And then order my new book “Last Call” God Bless you, Author and Brother Danny Cliffordsee more