David Burns is a qualified Chartered Engineer but he has spent many years owning and training dogs of various breeds especially larger dogs. He is an expert in the technique of utilising the dog's natural instincts to train a dog ( dog whispering). He also understands the importance, that good health, has on a dog,s temprement and it's ability to respond to training. For this reason he has written a number of books on the training of dogs for the home environment and also books on dog welfare and care. Encouraged by the success of the dog training and welfare books David began publishing books in other fields, especially self help books. These books cover a range of subjects including Exercise and Fitness, Health, Relaxation Techniques, Assertiveness, Care of pets (especially dogs), Gardening, DIY and several How To Guides relating to life skills. David finds the latest information technology exciting and vital for our future. For this reason he is enthusiastic about using ebook publishing as a way of passing on useful information to a wide audience.see more