My name is Dawn, I'm 39 yrs old and have 3 children. I have 2 living at home, youngest 15 and eldest 21, soon to leave. My eldest daughter is 19 and lives away. We live in the UK. I am clairaudient and my family are aware of it. It's not something I thrust down their throats in any way. Their own beliefs, are just that, their own, yet they have an insight through me to a world beyond if they so choose. I have had many experiences over a few years, at one stage not a day would pass without something different happening. That was over 2 years. Various experiences, never repeating. I knew I had to communicate to understand what was happening, so I set about that. Once I did all the daily happenings with spirit interaction stopped. No more need for it. That is what my book 'Knowing Is beyond Belief' is all about. My learnings, my mistakes, what they want you to know and how they want so very much to bridge the gap that we as humans have with them, people in spirit. That's who they are:people. They want humans to see them for literally that, not spooks or ghouls that they may be perceived as. This is their message and it is mine too. I know many people are opening their minds, we are moving forward, just very glad to be a part of it.see more