Holistic Health Educator Minister/Therapist Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Year 2000 Award for Professional Excellence National Board for Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anaesthesiology Clinical Hypnotherapist Registered Hypnotic Anaesthesiologist Ordained Minister Notary Public Certified Ecological Environmental Resource Specialist Certified Transpersonal Therapist Applied Kinesiology, EFT, Hair Analysis and Body Chemistry / Nutritional Analysis MEMBER OF: THE NATIONAL BOARD FOR HYPNOTHERAPY AND HYPNOTIC ANAESTHESIOLOGY-2010 President Past Awards: Member of the Year, 1997 Educator of the Year, 1998 Teacher – Hypnotic Anaesthesiology for Pain Management Course and Certification Instructor for annual NBHA Complementary Medicine Conference. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY ( Lifetime Charter Member) •THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CLERGY HYPNOTHERAPISTS •THE INTERNATIONAL NEW THOUGHT ALLIANCE •THE HOLISTIC PROFESSIONALS NETWORK •THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF DRUGLESS PRACTITIONERSsee more