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March 2004 Shelton Aldermen Minutes

March 2004 Shelton Aldermen Minutes

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Published by: ValleyIndyDotOrg on Jul 13, 2012
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Board of AldermenShelton, Connecticut
Special Meeting of Thursday, March 10, 2004
Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Mark A. Lauretti called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. All thosepresent rose and pledged allegiance to the flag.
Roll Call
Aldermanic President John F. Anglace, Jr. - presentAlderman John “Jack” Finn - presentAlderman Stanley Kudej – presentAlderman Joseph Lanzi - absentAlderman Diane M. Marangelo - presentAlderman Kenneth Olin - presentAlderman John P. Papa – presentAlderman Nancy Minotti – absentAdministration:Mayor Mark A. LaurettiCorporation Counsel Thomas Welch (7:45)There was a quorum of 6 present, 2 absent.
Public Session
Mayor Lauretti asked if any member of the public wished to address theBoard.
 Jane Dowty, East Village RoadPresident, Shelton High School PTSO
On behalf of our Executive Board, I’d like to read a letter to you this evening.
Dear Board Members:The Shelton High School PTSO Executive Board would like to inform you thatwe strongly support the 2004-2005 budget presented by the Board of Education. Much of the modest increase in the Education budget is to keep
 services and facilities status quo. The budget also addresses critical needs inthe areas of staffing to reduce class sizes and offer more electives,academic supplies and facility upgrades and maintenance.The City of Shelton is severely under funded in per capita spending. It isimperative that we try to close that gap by giving the Education budget themonies they request to run the school system. The children of Shelton are oufuture and they deserve the funds to receive the best education possible.The Shelton High School PTSO Executive Board respectfully urges you to represent the large majority of voting parents by supporting the Board of Education budget as it is presented.We thank you for your time, consideration and support.Sincerely, The Shelton High School PTSO Executive Board
Thank you.
Chris Jones, 21 Geissler Drive
I sat here a couple of weeks ago. I got a letter in the mail in regards toShelton Code of Ethics - a meeting. I don’t think I’m currently sitting on anyBoard or Commission, and I received a letter, an invitation in the mail tocome and sit in on this meeting. So I did.I found it very interesting, too. The gentleman there was the instructor, hehanded out some stuff here, and I’m just going to read through some of thestuff briefly.One of the sheets that he gave was “Ethics Check Questions.” Number one,you ask yourself, “is it legal, will I be violating either civil law or the City Codeof Ethics.” Number two, “is it balanced, is it fair to all concerned in the shortterm as well as the long term, does it promote win-win relationships.” Andnumber three, “how will it make me feel about myself, will it make me proud,will I feel good if my decision was published in the newspaper, and would Ifeel good if my family knew about this.” I thought it was pretty good.Now, for anyone in the audience that isn’t aware of the Shelton Code ofEthics, it’s Article 2-351. I just want to read a couple of definitions – some ofthe words and what they mean as defined. “Interests shall include privatefinancial benefit and interests other than financial arising from blood or marriage relationships or close business or political association.” The word,
“officials” shall include elected and appointed officials and officers, whether paid or unpaid, and members of all government bodies created under theprovisions of the Charter and other City ordinances and applicable statutes.Now, Section 2-352 is the Declaration of Policy. “It is hereby established aCode of Ethics for all City officers, employees and officials, whether elected,or appointed, paid or unpaid, the purpose of this article is to establishsuitable ethical standards for all such officers, employees and officials byprohibiting acts or actions incompatible with the discharge of their publicduties and best interests of the City, and by directing disclosure of privatefinancial interests or personal interests in matters affecting the City by suchofficers, employees and officials. Any violations of this article may constitutea cause for suspension, removal from office or employment, or other disciplinary actions as more particularly set forth in Section 2-356.”Here is a section, 2-353, which is the Conflict of Interest Prohibited. “Noofficer, employee or official shall engage in or participate in any business or transaction, or shall have an interest, direct or indirect, which is incompatiblewith the proper discharge of his official duties in the public interest, or wouldtend to impair his independent judgment or action in the performance of hisofficial duties.”The last one, I’ll read out of the Shelton Code of Ethics, is, Section 2-355,Written Disclosure of Interest. “Any officer, employee or official having anyfinancial or private interest as designated in Section 2-353a shall file writtendisclosures of the interest with the City Town Clerk and the Board of Ethics assoon as he becomes aware of such interest. Such written disclosure shall setforth, in detail, the nature and extent of such interest.” That was that.They also handed out a standard complaint form for the Board of Ethics. Idon’t know how far this will go. After last night’s Planning and Zoningmeeting, I also, a little something on behalf of myself, to quote one of myfavorite statesmen, Lawrence Peter Berra, better known as just “Yogi,” “
It justfeels like déjà vu all over again.”
I can remember standing in this very place, just over two years ago, speaking about another parcel of property on River Road in Shelton. The coincidence is so great, that the parcel in questiontonight is directly adjacent to the one discussed that evening on November 27, 2001. I remember objecting to this proposition that Emhart Technologies,Inc. sell their land and building at 510 River Road to Latex Foam Products. Ialso seem to recall many, many others agreeing with me and speaking outagainst it as well.Somehow, we cannot understand your logic, Mr. Mayor, in wanting to put alatex foam chemical plant on the banks of the beautiful and picturesque

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