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2 Draft Script

2 Draft Script

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Published by Alex Zepherin

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Published by: Alex Zepherin on Jul 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Opening establishing shot of the forest. Evening shot
A shot of Hansel and Gretel walking past the ground of their feet
A Medium camera shot of both Hansel and Gretel looking scared and lost
A camera shot behind an owl watching Hansel and Gretel walk past on the ground
The shot shifts to Gretel hearing a slight noise (camera lens noise) flinching looking over her shoulder and noticing a security camera faintly inthe background.
•A focus of Hansel’s hands holding a loaf of bread is seen breaking of crumbs
A shot of the breadcrumbs now chips, falling to the ground whilst both teens walk on.
Crows enter the scene eating them hungrily
Walking along Hansel and Gretel medium close up shot of Hansel and Gretel, a loud squishy noise occurs and Hansel stops and notices he hasstepped on something.
A close up shot of Hansel lifting his foot and we notice that sticky gum is attached to the sole
An extreme closeup
shot of Hansel’s face with reflected light
A full length shot of the camera panning out behind the two teens to reveal lampposts flicking on automatically with some exploding off 
The lights light up further into the distance revealing the ground to now be concrete ground
And Graffiti has been spray painted on the walls
A fade zoom into the concrete pathway reveals a ginger bread house in the center. Gleaming with sweets and candy.
A closeup
of Hansel and Gretel’s eyes widening and back shot of them running towards to the house
One shot of Gretel breaking of and eating candy cane fencing, another stuff of Hansel nibbling the chocolate stairs
The camera then zooms into the door of the house,
A shot zooming into the eye slot with it sliding viciously revealing a pair of demoning piercing eyes.
The door bursts open with a gleam of light exposing a wicked witch like silhouetted figure.
Once the light had diffused the Witch is finally shown his full glory.
The children look bedazzled as the witch beckons them inside
The camera focus shifts from the witch to the interior of the house.
A few camera shots of cauldrons, cutlery and the oven are shown
The witch turns back around and shows them some sweets.
A closeup shot of them being entrants and amazed by the sweet selection in the witches hands
The door shuts firmly behind them and a sharp cut to black.
The montage scene of the drug use is playing

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