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Published by Frank May
Here is the newsletter for July 10th, 2012. Our speaker was Ahmad Ghoreishi discussing thw current situation in Afghanistan and Iran. Our greeter was Angelo Costanza.
Here is the newsletter for July 10th, 2012. Our speaker was Ahmad Ghoreishi discussing thw current situation in Afghanistan and Iran. Our greeter was Angelo Costanza.

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Published by: Frank May on Jul 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 10, 2012
July 17
Kathy Strong, “The Power of POW Bracelets”
 We are meeting in theFACULTY/STAFF LOUNGE
Greeter & Invocation
July 16 
OMPA Meeting, 5pm at Holy Trinity
 July 17 
Board Meeting, 5pm at Holy Trinity
*July 24 
David Gilbert, “How Biology is Fueling Our Future.”
*July 31
Aug 3-5 
*Indicates a regular Tuesday noon luncheon meeting
Sally Edgerton
Guest of Frank and Linda May
Jody Parker
Linda May
Wife of Pres. Frank
Ahmad Ghoreishi
Guest Speaker
Linda Fox
Guest of Barbara Bruner
Mary Sue Erickson
John’s Ace of Hearts
Ron Schopke
Husband of Louise
Joan McSpadden
Wife of Robbie
Peg Render
Wife of Rich
Pam Reneau
Wife of Kevin
Linda Campbell
Wife of PDG Jim
Tonight we had quite an interesting speaker,
, who spoke to us about the current situationin Iran and Afghanistan. Ahmad, is a professor ofpolitical science at the Naval Post-Graduate School inMonterey, California. Before the 1979 Revolution, hetaught at the National University of Iran (Melli University)and was Associate Dean and subsequently Dean ofFaculty Law (1970-1976) and Dean of Faculty ofEconomics and Political Science (1976-1977). He wasappointed Chancellor of the National University in 1977and served in that capacity until 1979.To put it candidly, no matter what the media tells us, weare in the Middle East because of oil. Though, the US isdependent on the Middle East, it is only about 25%compared to the rest of the world, who are heavilydependent on the oil in the Middle East. 2/3 of the oilreserves reside in the Persian Gulf. Because of theease of pumping out the oil and transporting it, it onlycosts about $2/barrel compared to $20/barrel to get it inother parts of the world.Ahmad says we should pull our troops from the ground,but keep the Navy and Marines in the gulf as guardians.If we did not have a presence in the Gulf, it would bechaos. But there is no need for our troops to be on theground, and no need to push democracy on a countrywhere their pastime is killing each other! Instead ofspreading democracy, the US should bring culturalunderstanding. A lack of cultural understanding is saidto be the reason why we lost the Vietnam War.He brought to light that Iranians are not Arabs. The USneeds to be careful with Iran, as it is the mostWesternized country in the Persian Gulf. Women haverights in Iran; 65% of university students are women,40% of the government has women, and 62% of doctorsare women, just to name a few statistics. The Iranianpeople generally support relations with the US.Another fact about the Middle East, only a
ofMuslims resides there. Basically, we are in the dark ofthe real facts and need to come into the light.
Board meeting next Tuesday, July 17. 5PM Holy Trinity
July 14
, this Saturday, is the Annual District Awards &Installation Dinner in Corning.
This year our Club participated in the 4
of July OrindaParade on the Orinda Rotary float which was alsoshared by the 2 Lafayette Clubs.
Sam and MaggieBarnard
, and the May’s granddaughter,
got toride the Rotary Float! Thanks to
Frank, Linda andDebbie Roessler
for helping to put together our portionof the float!
OMPA is coming up! Planning meeting will be thisMonday, July 16 at 5pm in the Holy Trinity Hall. Pleasecome with ideas, opinions and your help!
Moraga Chamber of Commerce is putting on a GolfTournament on Monday, July 23, 2012. $150/Player,includes golf, refreshments, prizes. Still need a fewmore golfers!

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