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Grape eBook 2008

Grape eBook 2008



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Published by rchoi541856

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Published by: rchoi541856 on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grape's eBook of 2008
Table Of Contents
I.Understanding Society (pg. 2)
a.10 Truths About Womenb.People Who Are Pricksc.Losing Approach Anxiety
II.Self Improvement (pg. 5)
a.Getting Rid of Insecuritiesb.Beliefs (Being Naturally Awesome)c.Picking Up Chicks v. Happinessd.Identitye.Balance Out Your Lifef.Your Reality
III.Tools & Methods (pg. 14)
a.How 'Canned Material' Should Really Be Usedb.A Guide to Pick Upc.A Guide to Attractingd.A Guide to AMOG-inge.A Guide to Building Comfort/Rapportf.A Guide to Online Pick Upg.A Guide to Using NLPh.NLP: Emotionsi.3 Facial Expressions to Blow Someone Out j.Mimicking the Bestk.Sticking Outl.The Three Is
Total Pages: 33Enjoy men.<3 Grape
Understanding Society
10 Truths About Women- 11/4/08
These are the top 10 biggest secretive truths of women to the AverageFrustrated Chumps out there. I hope you guys read this and believe every wordof it, because it's the truth.1. Girls don't care about looks.Females look for survival value in a guy much more than sexual value. It doesn'tmatter how ugly you are or how short you are. This society is based on wealthand power. Looks have NO relationships to those things. However, fashion andhygiene ARE important.2. Girls are very sexual.Any girl who says otherwise is either rejecting their instinctive nature or just don'twant to be sexual with YOU. It's a girl's nature to be sexual and love dicks.Otherwise, the population would be extremely smaller.3. Girls lie and cheat.Girls don't care about right and wrong unless it'll affect their outcome in someway. They'll lie and cheat to get what they want as long as no one IMPORTANTgets mad at them. If you get mad at them over such a thing, they'll just go "Fuckyou." and ignore you. It's time you accept this fact, suck it up, and optimisticallyuse it to your own advantage.4. Girls are aware of society and the people around them.Girls socialize much much more than guys and have been since they were veryyoung. They just have more experience in this field of intelligence and havelearned to be alert and know what's going on around them. Yet anotherinstinctive trait among women.5. Girls are childish, youthful, sensitive, and immature.ANOTHER instinctive natural trait of women. Guys are attracted to women wholook youthful and childish as where girls are attracted to guys who are matureand fatherlike. It's just nature. Women will 'act mature', but of course this is justlike the 5 year old who acts like her mommy. Don't yell at them for acting like this.Tell it like it is and tell them it's cute and adorable.6. Girls like to be screwed with.Women get very curious about the world of the unknown. This is why they're sofascinated by things such as magic. They like not know what's going on and livein the moment of things. They want a man who won't ever tell them what theytruly think of them and want him to constantly change his mind.7. Girls don't like overtly nice and boring guys.Branching off of truth #6, girls are fed up with overtly nice, receptive, boring guys.They want to be the receptive ones who are TAKEN on an adventure of pleasure,
fun, and excitement. They're like little girls. Would you let a little girl TRULY leadyou? It's okay to look down at them and let them lead you just for the sake oftheir cuteness, but other than that, you must be the alpha male and lead. Enoughcorny pick up lines that no one falls for anymore. It's pathetic and needy. End ofstory.8. Girls are very good actors.Seeming that girls have socialized for a very long time, they have learned toadapt and adjust to their environments. They'll act receptive when they know aguy likes them, they'll act bitchy when they want to get rid of someone annoying,they'll act friendly to a person they don't want to start drama with, they're justfantastic actors! What you have to do is accept this truth, learn when girls areacting and what their motivation is, and use it to your own advantage.9. Girls are followers, not leaders.I'm sorry, but has there ever been a society run by women? A matriarch societyhas been very rare and still is rare. It's because it's a woman's nature toFOLLOW, not LEAD. You have to understand this concept and understand WHYevery girl acts alike. They dress the same, act the same, and react the same.They have similar hobbies, clothing, taste in music, you just have to understandthat women are very alike. Of course, they are all unique and special, but most ofthe things about them are so alike that it causes a 'chain reaction' within all ofthem if only a couple of things change.10. Girls are EMOTIONAL.Girls have a logical function very similar to guys', but they're just naturally somuch more emotional about things and their emotions just cancel out their logicat times. Girls like to feel good AT THE MOMENT and sometimes do not carewhat will happen in the future. Like the crazy teenagers they are, they're bound tostart experimenting with sex, drugs, and booze.Also, when girls are overtly emotional, it'll be almost IMPOSSIBLE to 'talk themout of' their actions. Arguing with an emotional chick is like trying to revive a deadperson. It just won't happen. A better way to approach situations like these are tostir up bad emotions inside them and link those emotions to the thing she's aboutto do.Hopefully, you guys fall in love with this article. It's important and it's needed tobe understood.<33 GrapePeople Who Are Pricks
People will only be mean to you for one of two reasons:1. You're someone they don't want to be around and they just want to get rid of you2. They're insecure about their ego and want to boost it by making others around them feellike shit.#1 will only be if you're annoying or mean. As long as you seem like a nice person who's funthen people won't make fun of you, unless it's #2.#2 can be taken care of by showing them you're not the person to pick on. I'll show you howwithin the next posts.

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